Below is a list of all the products, bushings, complete bushing kits, sleeves, hard parts, or services we offer listed by the type of transmission listed above. All of our bushing, bushing kits, and sleeves are available from any of the major transmission parts distributors.

If there is a service you see that you need, please feel free to call us at 916 372 6001 for more information. Some of the parts distributors may deliver or ship your hard parts that need repair directly to us for repair. It never hurts to ask your salesman.

We produce individual bushings and complete bushing kits for all the major transmission parts distributors. On the right side of this page are our top selling bushings and bushing kits. In the search box directly above those listings you can search by transmission type for any of our products and services by transmission type.

Part NumberDescription
9050009G-TF 60SN Bushing Kit
90423G09G TF 60SN pump bushing
9044009G TF 60SN Sun gear bushing. Two bushings are used per kit
130500TR-60SN/09D bushing kit. This kit includes bushings for the stator, rear planet, rear sun gear, C drum, sun gear, B clutch drum, rear planet and the front planet.
55527 09G Solenoid bushings. Along with our solenoid opening tool, now you can repair instead of replace the solenoids, one of the chief problems with 09G transmissions.
55158109G Solenoid reamer.The solenoid bushings sometimes require a small touch up with a reamer after being installed in the solenoid. This reamers is for the 09G solenoids

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