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New for 2016

ZF5HP24 Sprag End Caps.

Honda MCLA/BCLA Secondary Shaft Bushing

TR-80SD/0C8 Transmission Bushing Kit

U760E-U660E Pump Bushing

8HP45-55-70 Transmission Bushing Kit




Chevrolet 6T30E Transmission Bushing Kit

Toyota U660E Case Repair

Toyota A246E Case Repair

6L45E-6L50E Transmission Bushing Kit

Ford 5R110W extension housing bushing

Ford 5R55E extension housing bushing

Ford 6R80 transmission conversion pump bushing

Toyota AB60E/F transmission extension housing bushing

Lexus A650E transmission bushing kit

Toyota - Lexus A960E transmission bushing kit

Toyota A750E-A960E Extension housing bushing

04-06 Nissan Titan Extension housing bushing

GM 4T60-65E transmission bushing kit




Toyota AB60E/F Transmission Bushing Kit

Toyota U140E/151E Case Repair

Toyota A440 Transmission Bushing Kit

Kia/Mitsubishi/Hyundai F5A51Transmission Bushing Kit

Toyota A750E Transmission Bushing Kit

Ford 6R140 Transmission Bushing Kit

Toyota U340E/341E Bushing Kit

CD4E Carrier/Differential Bushing

Suzuki ZF4HP16 Bushing Kit

AX4N Planet Bushing

RE4F04A Bushing Kit

RE4F03A Bushing Kit

4L30E Bushing Kit

5R110W Direct Drum bushing installer/driver

ZF6HP32 bushing kit

5R110W TorqShift bushing kit


Suzuki ZF4HP16 Pump Bushing

6R80 bushing kit

Subaru 5EAT bushing kit

Subaru 4EAT 99-UP bushing kit

U151E Transmission bushing kit

5R55W/S Transmission eBook

4R100/E40D Front Planet Ring Gear Bushings

5R110W Forward Clutch Drum Bushings


5R55S/W/N Solenoid bushing

4T65E Bushing

6F35 Bushing Kit

68RFE Bushing Kit

4T80E Bushing Kit

4L80E Center Support Bushing

5R110W Torque Shift Direct Drum Bushing

Roll Around Drain Cart

FNR5 Ford Fusion / FS5A-EL Mazda Bushing Kit

Toyota SLT-SLU Solenoid Opening Tool

TF-80SC Bushing Kit

6T70 Bushing Kit

JF506E Bushing Kit

6L90 Bushing Kit

AW55-50SN/09G Solenoid Reamer

09D-TR60SN Bushing Kit

Honda Bushing Reamers

ZF5HP24 Bushing Kit

ZF5HP19 Bushing Kits

AW55-50SN - 09G Solenoid Bushings

4L80E Pump - Converter Bushing

42RE/48RE Housing Repair Washer



A245 Stator Bushings

A465-AS68RC Bushing Kit

ZF6HP19 Bushing Kit

09G / TF 60SN Bushing Kit

09G / TF60SN C3 Clutch Drum Bushing

Rolling Teardown benches

AX4N Inner Sprag Race Bushing

AX4N Over Drive Drum Bushing

Mitsubishi R4A51 Bushing Kit

U140 Bushing Kit


Honda and Acura Ring Cut Repair

ZF6HP26 Bushing Kit

AW55-50SN Solenoid Rebuilding Tool

BW4473-BW4484 Bushings

Subaru 4EATAXLE Stator Bushings

09G Case Repair, VW, BMW

Nissan RE5R05A Bushing Kit

4T80E FWD Coast Clutch Support Bushing

42RE Extension Housing Repair

4T80E 3rd Clutch Housing Bushing


ZF5HP24 Rear Stator Bushing

Toyota A340 Front & Rear Stator Bushings

Honda Transmission Case Repair

Renault DPO, Peugeot and Citroen AL4 Bushing Kit

4L80E 04-Up extension housing bushing


Transmission - Engine Teardown Benches

AW55-50/51 Bushing Pack

AW55-50/51 4-5 Clutch Drum Bushing and Sleeve

AW50-40/42LE Bushing Kit

AW55-50SN &51SN Case Repair

Toyota Celica Case Repair

4L80E Forward Drum Repair

5L40E Bushing Kit

Volvo AW 55-50 SN Planetary Gear Repair



4L30E Center Support Bushing



5R55N/W/S Converter Alignment Tool
N.P. 246 Front Output Shaft Seal Installer
E40D - 4R100 Case repair tool
4R55E-5R55E Teflon Ring Resizer Tool
4F27E Ford Focus, Mazda Protege bushing kit
Borg Warner 4405 transfer case front half
BW 4405 transfer case rear halves
Ford A4LD Shift Lever Bore Repair Tool
4L60E PWM removable pump body
RE/RL4F02A Converter/pump bushings
Honda Main Shaft Bushings
700 Seal E-Z clutch tool
Honda automatic transmission bushing tool kit
Toyota differential carrier repair
Mercedes 722.6 input drum bushing
CD4E Direct Shell bushing
450-43LE transmission bushing kit
ZF5HP Pump/Converter Bushing

Not so late products but crucial to a well built unit

E40D Bushing Style Center Supports
Toyota 4Runner A340H transfer case direct drums

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