A4LD Shift Lever Bore Repair Tool

When I was building transmissions one of the most annoying things for me to do when I returned from a test drive after rebuilding someone's transmission, was to slid under the car and see a leak. It just took away that sense of a job well done. If you've been at it any length of time at all, you know what I mean.

The A4LD transmission has been a mainstay of the industry for a long time, and some have been rebuilt many times. The leak that comes from the shift lever area is one you don't have to worry about anymore. Omega Machine & Tool, Inc. has the answer! We supply you with a reamer and jig to repair the hole, a driver for installing a new bronze bushing, 5 bushings, coolant, spray bottle and instruction sheet. Call your local transmission parts house for price and availability.

Part # 66311


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