42RE & 48RE Extension Housing Repair

The extension housing on the Grand Cherokee and Dodge Dakotas have a habit of wearing the groove where the snap ring is. This allows the bearing to move back and forth, messing up your end-play. We have a precision cut steel washer that goes in the back of the case to position the bearing back in it's original location.

The spacers come in two different thickness. The upgraded washer/spacer, part # 120363, has a tang on the outside edge to prevent rotation. The washer is the same thickness as the older washers, but the bearing surface is increased to spread the load out over a wider area. See sizes below.

Warning, in some instances the bore that the bearing goes in, wears as well. If the outer race of the bearing is too loose in the tail-housing, you must find a way to keep the bearing race from rotating.


Part # 120364 - .0435"



Part # 120363 - .0560"




42/48RE housing repair spacer flyer


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