Toyota SLT/SLU Solenoid Tool

Omega Machine & Tool now has a tool to complement their AW55-50SN 09G solenoid opening tool. The Toyota SLT/SLU tool is sold as an add-on to the AW55-50SN tool. The base from your original tool is used along with these new pieces. The Toyota solenoids have a smaller diameter can that require almost all new pieces. Now you can disassemble, clean and replace worn solenoid bushings in your transmission's solenoids.

This can be a stand alone tool with the purchase of the base that came with the 31333 tool. It can be purchased here.

This tool is for the solenoids in a Toyota A750E,F / Lexus A761E transmission. These transmissions are in the 03 4Runner, 05 Tacoma V6 4 x 4, 03-07 Land Cruiser, the 06 Lexus GS 300, 07 GS 350, 10 Tundra, Sequoia 4.6L among others.

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Part # 31342


Base to make the 31342 tool a stand alone tool set.


Part #31333B



We also have a tool for opening the AW55-50SN/09G solenoids


Part # 31333


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