Below is a list of all the products, bushings, complete bushing kits, sleeves, hard parts, or services we offer listed by the type of transmission listed above. All of our bushing, bushing kits, and sleeves are available from any of the major transmission parts distributors.

If there is a service you see that you need, please feel free to call us at 916 372 6001 for more information. Some of the parts distributors may deliver or ship your hard parts that need repair directly to us for repair. It never hurts to ask your salesman.

We produce individual bushings and complete bushing kits for all the major transmission parts distributors. On the right side of this page are our top selling bushings and bushing kits. In the search box directly above those listings you can search by transmission type for any of our products and services by transmission type.

Part NumberDescription
4L8CB4L80E (MT1) NO WALK Case Bushing, 91-Up- Chevrolet & GMC Trucks & Vans G10, G30, Astro, Safari, Blazer, GMC Yukon, Suburban C & K Pickups. Some 1991s may have larger case bore size. .001 and .002 Oversize OD bushings available.
4L8SS4L80E Stator Support Sleeve, 1991-UP - (See 4L8CB listing for applications)
33423X4L80E solid bronze one piece Pump Bushing: 97-Up Second Design (Wider)
4L80E Rebush case, R & R only.
4L80E/4L80EHD New / remanufactured. New oversized gears, re-machined gear cavity and mating surfaces, seals and bushings.
334384L80E forward drum bushing. One of the reasons the 4L80E drum is so likely to be ring cut is that the bushing that supports the input shaft is so narrow. Our bushing is almost twice as wide as stock, giving much better support to the shaft.
330694L80E Repaired forward drum. Ring cut drums are sleeved and a wider bushing is used to improve support for the shaft. The wider bushing is part number 33438 and is available separately.
33411B4L80E oversize extension housing bushing for 04 and up.
334104L80E center support bushing
333534L80E forward drum repair sleeve.

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