Below is a list of all the products, bushings, complete bushing kits, sleeves, hard parts, or services we offer listed by the type of transmission listed above. All of our bushing, bushing kits, and sleeves are available from any of the major transmission parts distributors.

If there is a service you see that you need, please feel free to call us at 916 372 6001 for more information. Some of the parts distributors may deliver or ship your hard parts that need repair directly to us for repair. It never hurts to ask your salesman.

We produce individual bushings and complete bushing kits for all the major transmission parts distributors. On the right side of this page are our top selling bushings and bushing kits. In the search box directly above those listings you can search by transmission type for any of our products and services by transmission type.

Part NumberDescription
20415Main shaft bushing, fits 83-85 Accord; 83-87 Prelude AS, F4, AK, K4; 86-89 Accord; 85-87 Prelude Si with fuel injection F4
26415Main shaft bushing, fits 88-91 Civic L4, P1, CQ
17411Borg Warner 4472 transfer case extension housing bushing
B87313-4 Clutch feed pipe bushing, 98-up Accord 4 cyl; 98-up Accord V6; 99-up Odyssey. This was formerly part number 19405.
24313Honda two and three shaft transmission, clutch feed pipe bushing extraction tools. This will remove and replace all the bushings in the Honda transmission. Bushings sold separately.
19500AClutch feed pipe bushing kit, fits A4RA, MP7A, S4XA, SP7A, MPRA, MY8A, PY8A, R0, BMXA, MDMA
19500BClutch feed pipe bushing kit, fits A24A, M24A, M4TA, P24, S24A, CRV (SDMA)
19500CClutch feed pipe bushing kit, fits A6VA, AOYA, APX4, APXA, BOYA, MP1A, MPXA, MPOA, PX4B
19500DClutch feed pipe bushing kit, fits MPYA
19500EClutch feed pipe bushing kit, fits MPWA (VIGOR), MPZA, B6VA, BAXA, BCLA, M6HA, M7ZA, B7XA, MAXA, B7YA
.Repair bearing bores in Honda cases. Out of round or worn bearing bores can cause noise or broken gear trains.
19500FClutch feed pipe bushing kit, fits BYBA, B7TA, BAYA, M7WA
19734MCLA Honda secondary shaft bushing. This is a feedtube bushing. This bushing is not included in any of our kits. It was especially made for Eastridge Transmissions. O.D..35" x I.D. .27" x .32"
24503Acura output shaft bushing, fits M7WA, B7WA, BDGA, MGFA, BGFA, MGHA, BGHA, BAYA, MAYA, BVGA, BYBA. If you find that the output shaft bushing is a little too tight. This bushing may be the one you need. We especially made this for a customer with an Acura

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